həul 1. noun
1) (an opening or gap in or through something: a hole in the fence; holes in my socks.) hull, sprekk
2) (a hollow in something solid: a hole in my tooth; Many animals live in holes in the ground.) hull
3) ((in golf) (the point scored by the player who takes the fewest strokes to hit his ball over) any one of the usually eighteen sections of the golf course between the tees and the holes in the middle of the greens: He won by two holes; We played nine holes.)
2. verb
1) (to make a hole in: The ship was badly holed when it hit the rock.) lage hull i, gjennomhulle
2) (to hit (a ball etc) into a hole: The golfer holed his ball from twelve metres away.)
subst. \/həʊl\/
1) (gjennom noe) hull, åpning
a hole in a sock
et hull på en sokk
2) hulrom, grop
a hole in a tooth
et hull i en tann
3) (sjøfart) gatt
4) (overført) hull, høl
he lives in a wretched little hole
han bor i et elendig lite høl
5) (hverdagslig) knipe, klemme, forklaring: kinkig eller pinlig situasjon
6) hi
the hole of a fox
et revehi
7) (golf) hull
a golf course has eighteen holes
en golfbane har atten hull
8) (golf) forklaring: poeng vunnet av den som får ballen fra tee-en til hullet med færrest slag
9) (overført) feil, brist, svikt
there are holes in his character
det er brister i hans karakter
blow a hole in ødelegge virkningen av
the amendment could blow a hole in the legislation
caught like a rat in the hole (overført) trengt opp i et hjørne
halved hole (golf) delt hull
hole in the wall (amer.) en liten, luguber restaurant ; en liten, luguber butikk (britisk, slang) minibank, bankomat
be in a hole (hverdagslig, britisk, austr.) være i en vanskelig situasjon
I was in a hole
jeg befant meg i en klemme
get somebody in(to) a hole
sette noen i en klemme
in holes eller all in holes full av hull
my socks are (all) in holes
jeg har hull overalt på strømpene, strømpene mine er fulle av hull
in the hole (softball, baseball) tredje slagmann i en omgang
be in the hole (amer., hverdagslig) skylde penger
she is $500 in the hole
hun skylder 500 dollar
knock holes in an argument knuse et argument
like a hole in the head (hverdagslig) ikke i det hele tatt
right now I need a visit from him like a hole in the head
make a (large) hole in gjøre et dypt innhugg i (pengekassen e.l.)
make a hole-in-one (golf) gjøre hole-in-one (treffe hullet med ett slag fra tee-en)
pick holes eller pick a hole in hakke hull i, hakke hull på (overført) slå hull på, finne feil ved, kritisere
he was always picking holes
han hadde alltid noe å klage på
put a big hole in (hverdagslig) spise eller drikke en stor del av
wear something into holes slite hull på noe
work holes in slite hull i
she has worked holes in her trousers
hun har slitt hull i buksene sine
verb \/həʊl\/
1) hulle, gjennomhulle, lage hull (i)
2) forklaring: plassere eller legge i hull
3) (golf) gå i hull, slå i hull (ball)
4) få hull, gå i stykker (om sokker)
hole out (golf) slå ballen i hull (cricket, om forsvarer) bli tatt
hole up gå i vinterhi (slang, amer.) gjemme seg, holde seg skjult

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.

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